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Always putting clients at the centre of what he does, Nick has an unwavering focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience by actively listening, building trust, creating lifelong friendships, providing sound advice and delivering value. Born and raised in Vaughan, living in King City, and working across various parts of Toronto throughout his career, Nick knows the GTA well. With an engineering degree from the University of Toronto, a nearly decade-long career in business consulting and banking, Nick brings a strong balance of financial acumen and interpersonal skills. He is an expert at solving problems and delivering value for his clients by understanding their objectives, uncovering their individual needs and providing creative options that help exceed those needs. 
Nick's passion for becoming a real estate agent stems from his love of investing in real estate, having an entrepreneurial mindset and gaining fulfillment through helping others become better off in their own lives. Outside of work, Nick loves to golf, practice mixed martial arts, weight train, play hockey, travel, attend live music events and eat great food.



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Nick Marando Real Estate
Nick Marando Real Estate
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We are dedicated to helping you find your dream home and assisting with any selling needs you may have. Contact us today to start your home searching journey!


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